Welcome to Profile Gurus!

January 27, 2010

The world of dating websites can be overwhelming. You know you are amazing, but sometimes looking at that blank space and blinking cursor, you panic and can’t think of anything interesting to write to distinguish yourself from everyone else. Walks on the beach? Yawn. You love your cat? Uh….heard that before.

Look. Here’s a truth: you have no idea the number of people who glance at your profile and dismiss you simply because you didn’t capitalize correctly, your details weren’t unique, or you used passive voice in your responses. Everyone deserves to be taken seriously, and this is your first introduction to a potential soul mate. Make it the best it can be – because you’re worth the effort!

We’re here to help. Whether it’s with essay answers or just to fine-tune your spelling and capitalization, we can make it cleaner and more intriguing. We will provide an objective look at your profile and then work with you to identify your needs. We can do anything from minor tweaking to a customized overhaul.

Check out our price list on the Pricing tab above! We’ll make you you, only better.